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The King of All Glass Coatings with the Highest Durability

Aqua Coat is suitable especially for those who have a distrust of glass coating. Fluoride-treated oleo hydrophobic

coating technology enables prevention of pollutant penetration with its low surface energy. It also has an excellent

contamination prevention effect, and guarantees a differentiated durability incomparable with any other glass film

coating products thanks to its maximized chemical-resistance.


aqua coat pro_9H glasscoat


Aqua Coat Will Change Your Old Distrust Into Sureness.

As a high-enriched product which contains over 95% solid content, it is created by a cutting edge technology

utilizing 100% inorganic silica glass which has a strong adhesion. While the existing products saying

one to two years of durability begin to lose its water repellency, the very top coat, from 6-month of use in

practice, Aqua Coat has totally a differentiated incomparable durability.


aqua coat pro_9H glasscoating


Long-Lasting Glass Coating with Superior Durability & Rich Luster

  • Heat treatment is just the basic for completion of coating.
  • 9H Hardness / Ultra Water & Oil Repellency / Easy Maintenance
  • Rich Color / Weather-proof & UV-proof
  • Anti-oxidation, Rust-proof / Strong Chemical Resistance
  • Strong Scratch-proof


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