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BodyGuard is a High-class Glass Coating Care Product!

We strongly recommend BodyGuard for those who have been looking for something special that could replace the existing car waxes, and for those who can’t find the perfect coating care product. Low surface energy of BodyGuard enables prevention of pollutant penetration. It also has an excellent contamination prevention effect, and thanks to its powerful chemical resistance, you will see unbelievable result even if you use it instead of water waxing, once a several months only.


body guard glasscoat_maintenance glass coat


BodyGuard for All Purposes

BodyGuard is a multipurpose coating agent that can be used not only on the painted surface of cars, but also for glass, wheel, fabric, and even leather. Since its density and curing become reinforced as time goes by, it will provide you the richest luster ever with the longest durability.


Bodyguard Bodyguard – Value, Beyond the Value

body guard glasscoat_maintenance glass coating


Long-Lasting Glass Coating Care Product with Superior Durability & Rich Luster

  • Care effect much more powerful than the common glass coating agents
  • Silicon-based resin and water repellent hard polymer maximize the richness of luster as well as durability.
  • Strong Chemical Resistance
  • Strong Water Repellent & Hydrophobic Coating Agent
  • As a hybrid type coating agent, it can be applied to various surfaces, such as glass, wheel, tire, fabric, and etc.



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