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We can answer as soon as possible if you contact us by e-mail.

We have principle to answer within 24 hours.

Some email maybe clogged with spam, please contact us again when you cannot receive our answer within 24 hours.


We do apologize that we cannot provide our products to general consumer directly because of our sales policy.

Please inform us what kind of counsel do you want as below for counsel with speed and accurately.


1) Counsel for Club M Korea Franchise

2) Counsel for MEGA-SHIELD Agency

3) Counsel for MEGA-SHIELD Dealer

4) Counsel for MEGA-SHIELD Sole Distributor


We will appreciate your information. Also if it is possible, please inform me your network for selling and your work experience.

We can provide sample only 5 type of MEGA-SHIELD.


MEGA-GLASS COAT must be operated by only Club M Store, because MEGA-GLASS COAT has a different with common coat. So operator has to complete coating system education for understand about its feature.


For MEGA-GLASS COAT, even though you have a work experience about car care as a car detail, polishing, coating, etc., you should complete coating system education within 2 to 4 days only. Also if you do not have a work experience, you should complete education within 15 days.


We are sure that you can take all of excellent products with satisfied price after complete education system.

Please visit Club M Korea to make further stable life.






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