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Mega-Shield Glass Coating is the cutting edge nano technology with hybrid type 3D structure net. In particular, we assure its high degree of luster, super durability, and long-lasting performance are completely incomparable to heaps of the existing products in the market.

A perfect encounter of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) and the existing Pro detailers enables Mega-Shield to provide the most practical and ideal car body coating technology in an innovative way.

As a car coating product with a combination of Sio2+Fluorine+Polysilazen based on the very latest nano hybrid composite technology, it features overwhelming chemical resistance unlike the other existing coating products in the market. Due to its super long-lasting durability which is evaluated as the top 0.1% in the world, Mega-Shield is just matchless in terms of its performance and durability.


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Many manufacturers often exaggerate their product quality as if it is such a certified 9H grade. But Mega-Shield is different. Mega-Shield has obtained the 9H certificate from the internationally credible institute, SGS.





Each 30ml of the product contains over 95% solid contents, while each 100ml contains that much in case of other products. And this totally brings a different quality in coating. No matter what types of car you have, you’ll experience a difference as time goes by. If you really think of quality for your car, we assure – Mega-Shield will be your best choice.



9H certificate approved by the world’s most renowned certification institute SGS SGS is the world’s most renowned certification institute.
Over 95% of Solid contents Mega-Shield contains the most solid-contents among all glass coating products in the market.
Easy installation Easy to install not only for professional technician, but also for ordinary people
Stain-proof Stain has been one of the biggest problems in self glass coating installation. But Mega-Shield is innovatively designed to avoid stain during the installation.
Sleek and smooth finishing Sleek and smooth finishing which is not easily damaged ensures a good condition as new for a long time, in spite of a number of car wash.
Superhydrophobic Mega-Shield protects your car from getting soiled, and also enables an easy car wash.
Soil-resistance Mega-Shield has a superior soil-resistance which is capable of protecting the car surface from a variety of dirt that may occur during driving.
Super durability, Chemical resistance Most products in the market usually have a thoroughly unpractical test period. But Mega-Shield is developed by the pro detailers in the field who are well aware of durability required in real driving.
UV Protection Strong UV is one of the main reasons that cause a lot of damages on car painting; for example, corrosion and oxidation. Mega-Shield provides the strongest UV protection.
Clear and rich luster A perfectly permanent chemical-combination allows clear and rich luster that you’ve never experienced, for more than five years.
Anti-scratch 9H hardness brings an anti-scratch effect as well.
Wide availability Mega-Shield can be applied to various materials, from the car’s painted surface, to glass, wheel, headlamp, textiles, and even rubber.


A Wide Range of Options Available

  1. As Mega-Shield is a 3-Layering type coating product comprised of M1/M2/M3 coats, it is possible to choose according to your preference.
  2. In case of installation by a professional, we recommend to use M1 first, and M2, then M3.



M1 COAT‘s Features                      

– 9H

– Permanent chemical-combination with the painted surface

– Solid contents 95%

– Weather-proof / UV protection

– Rich and deep luster

– Strong chemical-resistance

– Oxidation and corrosion resistance

Note: Comparatively difficult to install! Professional’s installation required.




M2 COAT‘s Features                      

– Two-Year Durability

– Superhydrophobic (Degree of Water Repellency: 115)

– Weather-proof / UV protection

– Rich and deep luster

– Chemical-resistance

– Oxidation and corrosion resistance

– Easy-Cleaning provides a superior soil-resistance.

                                                                           – Easy car wash /  Easy installation


  • Available on various materials (e.g. Car surface, glass, wheel, headlamp, textiles, rubber, and etc.)




M3-COAT‘s Features                          

-Five-Year Durability

– Superhydrophobic

– Weather-proof / UV protection

– Rich and deep luster

– Strong chemical-resistance

– Oxidation and corrosion resistance

– Easy-Cleaning provides a superior soil-resistance.

                                                                           – Easy car wash

  • Available on various materials (e.g. Car surface, glass, wheel, headlamp, textiles, rubber, and etc.)

To maximize the coating quality, it is recommended to install M3-COAT after M2-COAT.



MEGASHIELD PLUS+‘s Features            

  1. Permanent chemical-combination with the painted surface
  2. Solid contents 95%
  3. Seven-Year Durability
  4. Superhydrophobic
  5. Weather-proof / UV protection
  6. Rich and deep luster
  7. Strong chemical-resistance
  8. Oxidation and corrosion resistance
  9. Easy-Cleaning provides a superior soil-resistance.
  10. Easy car wash
  11. Easy installation
  12. Self glass coating with the highest durability equivalent to the super expensive glass coating installation of a professional shop




Q. Which one should I choose among the four options, M1, M2, M3, and MEGA-SHIELD PLUS+?

A. For professional installation shop, or those who have experience in coating, it’s recommended to install in the order of M1, M2, and then, M3. If it’ll be not installed in a professional shop, MEGA-SHIELD PLUS+ is rather recommended. If you’re going to install only one coating product, we recommend you to choose M2, which is focused on coating performance. We assure you’ll be highly satisfied by its rich color, superhydrophobic, and anti-scratch features. Also in case of MEGA-SHIELD PLUS+, you’ll see super durability and rich luster which you haven’t ever experienced.


Q. What if stain occurs after installation?

A. If stain doesn’t occur after complete hardening in spite of inappropriate installation, you should be suspicious of the product itself. Since M1 Coating agent contains more than 95% solid contents, it is recommended to ask for professional technician, and otherwise, it may cause stain. Especially once hardening is completed after installation on the painted surface, stain will never be removed unless the polishing work is carried out, and therefore, it is important to be careful in advance. On the contrary, in case of M2 and M3, stain can be easily removed within an hour after installation is completed, if it was installed in a normal coating environment. MEGA-SHIELD PLUS+ is specially recommended for self glass film coating installation.


Q. The product contents is 30ML. How many cars can I install with one product?

A. One product is for one car use.


Q. Please recommend the products for glass or wheel.

A. Both M2 and M3 can be applied on glass, wheel, textiles, and plastic. However, we personally recommend M2 which is superior in superhydrophobic more, rather than M3 which is superior in durability.


Q. Is that possible to directly apply on a used car which has the rough painted surface?

A. Yes, it is. But we recommend to install after polishing and finishing work for the painted surface, in order to maximize its performance.


Q. Please advice for self glass coating of MEGA-SHIELD PLUS+.

A. MEGA-SHIELD PLUS+ should be installed in room temperature. After applying it on the whole car surface, wipe it off within two hours. It is very easy and convenient to install. But as stain which hasn’t been wiped off after complete hardening will not be removed, it is important to use about three or four sheets of buffing tower to completely wipe off the applied coating agent.


Q. Can I operate glass coating with my car which was repainted?

A. Of course! Why not? We are sure that our products can be used to repainted car.
Please be sure to remember that you must operate glass coating after paint had hardened perfectly. If you operate your car without hardened surface, the repainted surface will be damaged.




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