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          Mega-Shield Glass Coating is the cutting edge nano technology with hybrid type 3D structure net. In particular, we assure its high degree of luster, super durability, and long-lasting performance are completely incomparable to heaps of the existing products in the market. A perfect encounter of Korea Advanced Institute of Science […]

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MEGA Glass Coating for Cars  Long-Lasting Glass Coating with Superior Durability & High Degree of Luster MEGA Glass Coating is a hybrid type product which is a combination of Sio2+Fluorine+Polysilazen and resin which is actually used in car paint. It features a differentiated durability, long-lasting effect, and rich luster, with a high degree of completion. MEGA […]

Revolution of Car Glass Coating! BodyGuard is a High-class Glass Coating Care Product! We strongly recommend BodyGuard for those who have been looking for something special that could replace the existing car waxes, and for those who can’t find the perfect coating care product. Low surface energy of BodyGuard enables prevention of pollutant penetration. It also […]

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The King of All Glass Coatings with the Highest Durability Aqua Coat is suitable especially for those who have a distrust of glass coating. Fluoride-treated oleo hydrophobic coating technology enables prevention of pollutant penetration with its low surface energy. It also has an excellent contamination prevention effect, and guarantees a differentiated durability incomparable with any […]

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