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The King of All Glass Coatings with the Highest Durability Aqua Coat is suitable especially for those who have a distrust of glass coating. Fluoride-treated oleo hydrophobic coating technology enables prevention of pollutant penetration with its low surface energy. It also has an excellent contamination prevention effect, and guarantees a differentiated durability incomparable with any […]

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Club M Korea finally succeeded to develop innovative products which the top 0.01 percent by researchers and Engineers who have a Fearless challenging spirit with a successful end. Club M Korea is looking for partners to make a further business. Thank you. President. Jong Hee Park C&S TECH INC.   The installation program supported by […]

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An Unparalleled Difference – Club M Korea. WE PROMISE YOU AN IMPECCABLE QUALITY. Club M stands for “Club Motors”. Club M┬áprovides the highest-quality automotive interior/exterior detailing services. As a Korean national brand, we changed our name into “Club M” in 2010 with a slogan “an unparalleled difference”, and have aggressively led the development of product […]

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